Heavy Water is an artist collective that draws from archives and collections to create artworks that reclaim narratives in a contemporary context. The project manifests through research collaborations, exhibitions and public programme with selected archives, collections, museums and galleries. 

The Collective takes its name from a form of water with a unique atomic structure that is often used for the stabilisation of volatile matter. The materiality of Heavy Water (D2O) is mystical; permeating organic bodies, calming violent creations, grounding and giving weight to something fluid and intangible. It is representative of the processes of investigation and methods of making developed in response to shared subject matter.

This website maps the constellation of artefacts and documents the Heavy Water Collective have encountered in archives and collections situated across the United Kingdom. It also forms a new collection of artworks, developed in response to the artistic research undertaken, and documents the exhibitions and events in which the collective have participated. The Heavy Water Collective comprises artists Maud Haya-Baviera, Victoria Lucas and Joanna Whittle.