Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

'Things Fall Apart' is a video installation, which developed through the artists' desire to create something that was a response to, or at least an investigation of her emotions surrounding the pandemic.

She said, "I often find inspiration in literature, so I picked up a copy of Robinson
Crusoe hoping that within it, I would find a manual to build a sanctuary, a place for self realisation and a refuge from the dreariness of isolation, as did Crusoe on his Desert Island. Instead, this video work reveals how the myth of the tropical island has been bestowed upon us for centuries, and how the paradisiacal ideas of immaculate sand beaches, haven for wildlife and fauna, are linked to historical exploitation."

Aggregate 2022

Freelands Foundation


10 Mar – 29 May 2022

Platform 20: Heavy Water

Site Gallery


27 Jul 2021 – 22 Aug 2022

Brew­ers Town­er Inter­na­tion­al, Town­er Gallery, East­bourne, (<span class="caps">UK</span>)

Heavy Water (as part of Platform<span class="numbers">20</span>), Site Gallery, Sheffield, (<span class="caps">UK</span>)

Aggre­gate, Free­lands Foun­da­tion, Lon­don, (<span class="caps">UK</span>)

Sto­ries, Bank­ley Gallery, Man­ches­ter, (<span class="caps">UK</span>)

Things Fall Apart, Haar­lem Art­space, Wirksworth, (Solo exhi­bi­tion) (<span class="caps">UK</span>)